Uniform Data System (UDS) Reporting Assistance and Process Improvement Discussion (RAPID) Series

Building Health Center Capacity to Improve Data Collection and Use

About the Program

Piloted in 2021, the 2022 RAPID series fosters virtual peer learning to strengthen health centers’ understanding of UDS CQM reporting, while building their overall capacity to improve data collection and use. Over the span of four monthly sessions, participants will engage in an in-depth examination of one CQM, including:

  • Examples of value sets, specifications, health center workflows, solutions for standardizing data field, and data collection
  • Use cases for clinical improvement
  • Identification and implementation of process changes

Program facilitators will select the focal CQM based on participants’ interests and needs to ensure sessions are highly relevant and engaging.

Program Objectives: Selected participants will be able to:

  • Identify and implement areas where process changes (e.g., workflow, data collection, validation) could improve the accuracy of reporting.
  • Improve understanding of the health center’s process that impacts the UDS clinical quality measure of focus.
  • Understand how accurately reported data can help the health center identify areas for clinical improvement and meet community needs.
  • Know how to apply the identified process changes to collect and report data on similar clinical quality measures.

Date and Location: June-September 2022; one session per month for 90 minutes; all sessions will be virtual


Session 1, June 2022: The RAPID Roadmap
Session 2, July 2022: Measure Specifications and Goal Setting
Session 3, August 2022: The Tricky Parts
Session 4, September 2022: Action Planning and Discussion: Overcome Common Challenges


For questions about the program or UDS RAPID application process, please contact: udsrapid@jsi.com