Visits, Clinical, and Staffing Resources

Resources are available to assist health centers with the successful completion of the UDS visits, staffing, and clinical tables.

Visits and Staffing


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The fact sheets provide information such as key terms relating to the UDS clinical tables, highlight changes from the prior year, inform of the use of UDS data, provide helpful hints for completing UDS tables, and emphasize the importance of cross-table relationships and considerations.

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Learn how UDS data provides a snapshot of the services provided by health center programs and the quality of care delivered.

Estimated length: This module is expected to take approximately 90 minutes to complete.


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The summary briefly describes each of the clinical measures reported on UDS Tables 6B and 7. It includes links to sources for full specification detail, and describes the major differences between UDS and eCQM, and between years.

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Codes changed on the UDS Table 6A: Selected Diagnoses and Services Rendered between the prior reporting period and the current one are reflected.

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Relevant CPT and ICD codes are provided to assist health centers in identifying patients for the Table 6B HIV Linkage to Care measure and the Table 6A PrEP line.

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The crosswalk gives information on each standardized social risk screener question(s) to ascertain responses from for counting patients with food insecurity, housing insecurity, financial strain, and/or lack of transportation on UDS Appendix D: Health Center Information Technology (HIT) Capabilities screener questions 12 and 12a.

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