General Resources

Resources are available to assist health centers with the successful completion of the UDS Report. Guidance using a series of fact sheets, the UDS Reporting Instructions and tables, distance learning modules, presentations, webinars, and links is included. Additionally, a series of guides are provided to help health center staff based on their experience level and resource needs.

Use the “Resources” drop down options to access administrative (including patient demographics and submission guidance), clinical and services (including staffing, visits, and clinical tables), and financial (including operational costs and revenues) resources.

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The FAQ resource outlines common questions and answers pertaining to scenarios that may affect UDS reporting requirements, including new health center awards or designations, new services or sites, and health center organizational changes.

2021 UDS Manual Cover

The UDS Reporting Instructions manual provides guidance on reporting the 11 tables and 3 forms that provide a snapshot of health centers’ clinical, financial, and administrative performance. The manual is updated annually to support a timely, accurate, and complete UDS report submission – due February 15, 2022!

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The Program Assistance Letter (PAL) provides an overview of the approved changes to the calendar year UDS.

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The blank UDS tables (available in three file formats) allow health centers to prepare for their UDS submission in advance.
2021 UDS Tables (Word .docx)
2021 UDS Tables (Adobe PDF .pdf)
2021 UDS Tables (Excel .xlsx)

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The web page provides various Health Center Program resources and links, including, awardee and look-alike UDS data at the national and health center level, reporting instructions, training links, and other news and announcements.

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The fact sheet provides an introduction to UDS reporting, understanding the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the UDS, and outline major changes from prior year reporting.

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The resource assists health center staff completing the UDS in identifying the appropriate training and resources based on their level of experience with the UDS.

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New UDS users should refer to this guide for a list of suggested trainings and resources that provide an introduction to and overview of UDS reporting.

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Experienced users should utilize this guide for trainings and resources that will build on the beginner knowledgebase.

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Learn about the UDS and the overall course.

Estimated length: This module is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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