Electronic Handbooks (EHBs)

Health centers annually report UDS data on a web-based system called the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). The system provides electronic forms necessary to complete the annual UDS Report.

The EHBs includes a Preliminary Reporting Environment (PRE) that provides early access to the UDS Report and is available in the fall. The PRE allows health centers to review UDS Report forms, enter available data, help identify potential data reporting errors, and provide additional preparation time to compile UDS data.

Resources and supports are available to assist health centers with the use of EHBs for UDS reporting and to access UDS Reports.

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This wiki introduces health centers to the electronic submission system, the EHBs, the preliminary reporting environment (PRE), and system enhancement resources. Note: This wiki is maintained by HRSA.

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This video provides an overview of the UDS in HRSA’s EHBs. This video will walk through the importance of UDS reporting, the permissions required to access the report and an overview of the UDS tables and appendices.

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This video provides information about new and helpful tools for reporting and analyzing UDS data in the EHBs.

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This Excel mapping file is a companion file to be used with the offline UDS data Excel template (Note: Offline Excel templates are specific to each health center and are available through EHBs). The mapping file is available to health centers and programmers to help streamline reporting by providing mapped cell locations to data fields in the Excel template. The offline Excel and mapping documents should be used with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) or data system to help in automating your UDS Report.

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This video helps health centers to understand and address system checks, or edits, in the EHBs, prior to the submission of UDS data.

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This step-by-step guide walks Health Center Program grantees and Look Alikes through the process of accessing standard UDS reports from the EHBs system.

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This step-by-step guide walks PCAs through the process of accessing standard UDS reports from the EHBs system.

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