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UDS Report content.

UDS Support Center

Phone Number: 866-837-4357 (866-UDS-HELP)
Request Email Support

The content and reporting requirements of the UDS report or about the use of UDS data. For example, defining patients or visits, questions about clinical measures, questions on how to complete various tables, how to make use of finalized UDS data.

Technical system assistance throughout UDS reporting period.

Health Center Program Support

Phone Number: 877-464-4772, Option 1

Provide assistance to health centers when completing the UDS report in the EHBs. Examples of when to use this helpline include: report access/submission, diagnosing system issues, technical assistance materials, and triage.

EHBs account access and roles.

HRSA Call Center

Phone: 877-464-4772, Option 3

Getting an EHBs account, password assistance, setting up the roles and privileges associated with your EHBs account, determining whether a competing application is with or HRSA.

UDS Mapper service areas.

UDS Mapper


The UDS Mapper tool is an online tool that uses zip code data reported on the UDS to map health center service areas and to relate patients to community populations and resources.

Contacts for Other Relevant Supports

BPHC Quality Improvement Awards (QIAs)
HRSA provides Quality Improvement Awards (QIA) in recognition of health centers’ high performance or significant quality improvement from prior year reporting.

Email: Contact the QIA Team at
Website: BPHC Quality Improvement Awards

Proposed Future Changes to UDS Reporting 
Comments regarding proposed future changes to UDS can be submitted to the Office of Quality Improvement.

Website: Program Assistance Letters
Phone Number: 301-594-0818

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) UDS Data Requests 
A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) may be submitted to BPHC to request a broader set of health center-level UDS data from HRSA for the purposes of research.

Website: Freedom of Information Act

Special Population Organizations 
Training and technical assistance is available from national organizations with HRSA agreements to support health centers serving  diverse special, vulnerable, and underserved rural, frontier, and urban populations

Website: National Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement Technical Assistance

UDS Content Support