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Quick Fact Sheet

The Quick Fact Sheet is an at-a-glance resource that provides information such as key terms relating to UDS tables, highlights changes from the prior year, use of data, helpful hints for completing UDS tables, and cross table considerations. In addition to information about each of the UDS tables, the fact sheet provides information about the various support centers that are available to provide assistance to health centers, as well as general information about the UDS. For ease of use, in addition to providing the entire Quick Fact Sheet, the document is divided up based on tables and topics. Additionally, there are reference guides available to provide detail about accessing UDS data through the EHB (grantee, look-alike, and PCA guides).

CY 2017 UDS Quick Fact Sheet

General Information about the UDS Report

Patients by ZIP Code

Table 3A: Patients by Age and Sex Assigned at Birth

Table 3B: Patients by Demographic Characteristics

Table 4: Selected Patient Characteristics

Table 5: Staffing and Utilization

Table 5A: Tenure of Health Center Staff

Table 6A: Selected Diagnoses and Services Rendered

Table 6B: Quality of Care Indicators

Table 7: Health Outcomes and Disparities

Prenatal Care and Deliveries (Tables 6B and 7)

Table 8A: Financial Costs

Table 9D: Patient-Related Revenue

Table 9E: Other Revenue

Support Center Quick Guide: Which support center should I call for help?

Accessing UDS Reports through the EHB: Grantees

Accessing UDS Reports through the EHB: Look-alikes

Accessing UDS Reports through the EHB: PCAs

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